Emergency assessments show a real need in Angola

Like thousands of children in south-western Angola, 11-year-old Maria Ifikepunhe attends school on an empty stomach most days.

Building on education

Paulino Tchingande is 10 years old and is a fourth-grade student at a school in the farming community of Tchissota in Angola.

A sprinkling of nutrients can change a child’s life

“Somerset West’s main attraction is the high quality of life it offers. Two of the 20 most expensive suburbs in South Africa, Erinvale and Spanish Farm, offer the most discerning buyers some superb property choices. It is rumoured that Somerset West hosts amongst the highest concentration of millionaires per square kilometre in the country.”

Peanuts Pack A Nutritious Punch!

Farmers in South Sudan enjoyed a bumper crop of groundnuts (also known as peanuts, goober, pindar or monkey nuts) this year. They have dried and bagged the surplus and will store them for lean times when they can fetch a good price at the market.

Growing through adversity

Margaret Anite fled the Democratic Republic of Congo for Uganda in 2013 because of a war that threatened her family. Soon after arriving in Uganda her husband mysteriously disappeared, leaving her to look after their seven children. Her sister’s four children were also in her care, so food was constantly scarce and rations from the

The Irrefutable Link Between Food and Education

The value of nutrition starts even before conception, since everything a mother consumes will affect the health of her unborn child. Babies who are malnourished in utero have a higher risk of dying in infancy or being born with cognitive or physical impairments.

Refugees find “Godfather James” in Uganda

The dramatic increase in the number of refugees globally has cast a spotlight on conflicts that occur between refugees and their host countries. The competition for natural resources such as land, water and forests is often the greatest source of tension.

JAM impresses United Nations Refugee Agency

In August, representatives from the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) visited various projects serving refugees and their host communities in Africa. As a partner to UNHCR in Uganda, JAM was identified because of its “great contribution in livelihoods” says Paska Lanyero, a UNHCR Field Associate. “UNHCR is very impressed with the contribution that JAM is