JAM impresses United Nations Refugee Agency

In August, representatives from the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) visited various projects serving refugees and their host communities in Africa. As a partner to UNHCR in Uganda, JAM was identified because of its “great contribution in livelihoods” says Paska Lanyero, a UNHCR Field Associate. “UNHCR is very impressed with the contribution that JAM is

Timely intervention for severe acute malnutrition saves children’s lives

Timely intervention for severe acute malnutrition saves children's lives. Early identification and effective treatment has been made possible through the concentrated efforts of JAM and its partners and donors to scale up nutrition services in South Sudan Nagaidok had no idea that her only child was suffering from severe acute malnutrition when, on an afternoon


WORLD HUMANITARIAN DAY On 19 August we celebrate World Humanitarian Day. It is also a day to celebrate our people at JAM! “Africa is where our responsibility as Africans lies.”  Abeba Amene could have had a successful career in international development in the United Kingdom, having studied there. But, she says: “Africa is where our

THE HEART AND HISTORY OF JAM: By Ann Pretorius, Founding Director

As I stepped into the role of chief executive after Peter’s passing in August 2018, I realised how important it was for me to touch base with our teams on the ground in each of our countries of operation. South Sudan marks its 10-year anniversary this month As you know, our work started in Mozambique

Social Impact Heroes: Why and How Isak Pretorius of JAM International Is Helping To Change Our World

Do only what only you can do — This was a breakthrough for me that I wish I understood earlier. What I mean here is that particularly as leaders, we need to ensure that we are only doing the things that only we can do in the organization. Otherwise we are doing someone else’s job

Rethinking Aid to Africa: Entrepreneur Isak Pretorius Evolves a Humanitarian Family Legacy

Isak Pretorius is the Africa regional honoree for the 2021 YPO Global Impact Award. The award focuses on YPO members making an impact outside the organization that is both sustainable and scalable, affecting people, prosperity, peace or our planet. While aid in Africa is often associated with international organizations, for YPO South African member and JAM International (JAM)

Mozambique: JAM continues to provide assistance to families fleeing violence in Cabo Delgado

Latest update: 33 000 people have moved from areas impacted by the insurgency into safer areas of Cabo Delgado in the last week, as reported by the International Organisation of Migration (IOM). IOM has reported that 355 000 people are currently displaced throughout Cabo Delgado - compared to just 88 000 in January 2020. According

Every Child Deserves A Better Future

According to the latest report by UNESCO, 180 million more girls have enrolled in primary and secondary school since 1995, and girls' learning outcomes have improved. Did you know: When girls attend a secondary school, it is possible to reduce infant mortality and thousands of others escape stunted growth When girls attend school, the prevalence