Last year Run Forest Run raised over £28,000 during the 3 Peaks Campaign for JAM’s Covid-19 response in Africa. This year they are aiming to raise £40,000 towards JAM’s #zerohunger intervention programmes. Check out the 300 Expansion Challenge!

Rest Forest Rest!

After months of planning and overcoming the challenges brought by Covid-19, the Run Forest Run team finally took on the UK National 3 Peak Relay Challenge*.

The 3 Peak Challenge was exactly that, a challenge! Doing it honouring all the government regulations and guidance during a global pandemic was an even bigger challenge. Well done and thank you to everyone that gave input and helped us abide by the rules to keep everyone safe.

On Friday, 17 July 2020, 5:00 am (BST) the team already conquered the first peak, Ben Nevis (1,345m) in Scotland, two hours after starting. The long journey towards Scafell Pike (912m) in England brought many challenges. Some blood sweat and over 420km’s later, they conquered the second peak. The next peak Snowdon (1,085m) was almost 300kms away in Wales. By the time the team reach Lancaster, the relay record was too far out of reach to safely compete within time constraints and physical ability. Everyone – drivers included – took some essential rest for a couple of hours and covered the remaining running distance from Lancaster to Snowdonia by car. After a couple of hours rest, the team conquered Snowdon together.

After 48 hours of running covering a distance of 513kms and total elevation gain of 7,675m the team can be immensely proud of what they achieved.

With your generous contributions, our partners and sponsors we have already reached our initial fundraising target of £20,000 for JAM’s Covid-19 Response in Africa. Please continue to participate, share, donate and help us fundraise to reach our raised target of £25,000.

*We took all the necessary precautions to stay up to date and adhere to the COVID-19 regulations as set out by the governments
within the three UK countries (Scotland, England and Wales).



While restrictions are starting to relax across the UK and Europe, the Covid-19 pandemic is accelerating across Africa, with cases rapidly increasing and deaths rising.

‘While it took nearly 100 days for Africa to reach an initial 100,000 cases, it took only 18 days for that to double to 200,000. It doubled again to 400,000 cases over the next 20 days. And on 8 July, total cases passed 500,000’. – BBC.

The impact of COVID-19 on 1.3 million vulnerable JAM beneficiaries calls for collective and urgent response. Time is running out quickly for very vulnerable people. Visit our Covid-19 Response page for more information and situation reports to see how your contributions are making a difference.


Thank you to all our supporters for your generous contributions! Due to the overwhelming response and generous contributions, we are raising our target in good faith to £25,000. The need is big, and we have a great opportunity to help and save even more lives in Africa with your support.


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JAM’s primary commitment is to save lives in Africa, especially now with the global pandemic looming over Africa. We are also
committed to help Africa help itself.

One-off donations are valuable gifts that will make a big and immediate difference enabling us to respond quickly and effectively where our help is most needed.

Setting up a recurring donation takes commitment and is a partnership with JAM to invest into the lives of the most vulnerable until they can help themselves. It allows us to strategise and plan, and after giving the necessary aid, we can help them recover and establish a livelihood.

A one-off donation helps us fill up a tummy.
A recurring donation ensures a tummy stays full!



Feed a child a nutritious meal at school for a month,

every month.



Contribution to the provision of clean water, sanitation
and hygiene.



Towards establishing vegetable gardens to enhance food security. 



Provisions and treatment of Severe Acute Malnutrition per child, per month. 


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Covid-19 Response

The potential impact of COVID-19 on 1.3 million JAM vulnerable beneficiaries calls for collective and urgent response. Pre-existing drivers such as poverty, food insecurity, epidemics, droughts, flooding, lack of water and sanitation, poor service delivery, low education levels, unequal access to information and civil strife will complicate the effects on these communities. With the widespread shutdown of schools over 200,000 children are deprived of vital nutritional support. These are children and their families
dependent on JAM’s school meals.

Visit the Covid-19 Response Page here for more information