World Water Day 2015

To supply clean water for one person

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To celebrate and bring global attention to the world's most precious resource - water - the United Nation’s marked 22 March 'World Water Day' in 1993. This year's theme, 'Water is Sustainable Development' reinforces JAM's belief that the provision of safe drinking water is a vital element in achieving our vision of ‘Helping Africa Itself.’

Established in 2001, JAM's Water and Sanitation Programme, is an African developed response to the more than 300 million Africans without access to clean and potable drinking water. Our multistage solution focuses on community water usage; improved sanitation, maintenance and community development, it's a method that has has helped us bring water and development to more 2,600 communities on the continent.

A new water well not only provides clean water, but also improves community health, encourages agricultural development and, most critically, children spend more time in class and not wasting hours every day collecting water that is often polluted.

Join the 2015 campaign to raise awareness of water and sanitation. You can also follow on social media though #JAM #WaterIs and #WorldWaterDay.