Join the movent for change, join the team

What is the RedBowl?

The redbowl is JAM's signature item, it is in this bowl that we fed more than ONE MILLION people daily during 2013.

The bowl is, according to our beneficiaries, a miracle, it is about so much more than it contains; the redbowl represents hope; change and development for the communities that we work in. The redbowl is the starting point for Helping Africa Help Itself.

How It Works

RedBowl Team is a global community of action; a movement of lives being changed, with YOU leading the way. JAM is proud to introduce RedBowl Team, a community of people committed to changing childrens' lives in Africa. Every day JAM fills over ONE MILLION Red Bowls, but we want to reach even more children. Our goal is to fill even more Red Bowls every day, transforming millions of lives, one Red Bowl at a time. This is where you come in.

We want to invite you to join the movement. RedBowl Team is about you, and you get to decide how you go about filling Red Bowls. RedBowl Team isn’t about giving anything up; by leveraging what you already do each and every day, you become empowered to affect the future history of the next generation in Africa.

Join Today, become part of the movement. You can join as an individual, part of the global RedBowl Team, or start your own team with your friends or colleagues.

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