School Makeovers

The objective of JAM’s School Makeover projects is to improve educational infrastructure creating a safe and stimulating environment for children to learn. In Mozambique particularly, access to water provision and agricultural training is also a specific focus.

The scale and scope of school Makeovers or upgrades depends on the budget available for each project. Teams from all over the world take on the challenge and raise the funds for a designated school upgrade. Participants are accommodated at JAM’s facilities and travel to the school each day to complete the upgrade within seven to ten days. JAM’s headquarters in Johannesburg is well equipped to accommodate and cater for groups of up to 17 people.

The JAM farm in Mozambique is a safe and tranquil environment with dormitory-style accommodation and offers a wonderful rural experience for donors and volunteers. This also offers the hard-working volunteers a chance to see some of the country’s natural beauty. Those who come to work among rural Mozambicans, or in the informal settlements in South Africa, say that they experience the most rewarding adventure of their lives.