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Nutritional Feeding

As a result of high poverty rates in Africa, many school children go to school hungry. It is for this reason that JAM currently provides highly nutritious meals to hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries in Angola, Mozambique, South Africa and South Sudan. Our school feeding programmes, specifically targeting children, enable us to improve the well being of each child, while promoting and enhancing school attendance and education.

Water and Sanitation

JAM is currently involved in Water and Sanitation programs in Mozambique and Angola, mainly targeting hard-to-reach areas where communities face harsh conditions and accessing clean, fresh water supplies is difficult due to continuing droughts largely as a result of climate change. JAM has been drilling water wells in Africa since 2001 in countries as far afield as Ethiopia, South Sudan, and South Africa.

Agricultural Development

The core purpose behind JAM’s Agricultural Development Programme in South Africa, Angola, Mozambique and South Sudan, is to establish sustainable agricultural projects that ensure both food and nutritional security. JAM hopes to achieve this through the cultivation of vegetables and field crops at school and in the community by not only engaging communities and learners, but also by giving them ownership of their own development.