Share the Message

Share the Message

People often take the power of their networks for granted and don’t realise how even talking to their networks can expand JAM’s vision of Helping Africa help itself.

Everyone has the ability to effect change. No matter if you are a CEO, banker, lawyer, student, housewife, PTA president, small business owner, photographer, sports coach or a secretary, you might know a person, or you could be the person, of influence in the political or corporate world who can provide corporate grants or even affect policy change at global and regional level. These influences ensure that JAM’s nutritional school feeding programmes gain invaluable support to continue the fight against hunger.

The war against malnutrition in Africa compels those of us that care about the future generations to put our shoulders to the wheel to fight this hunger. The social media revolution has provided the perfect tools to begin sharing your story and JAM’s story with your friends, family and colleagues. You can link your networks with JAM through various social media platforms from Facebook and Twitter to YouTube, LinkedIn, and even Instagram.

By sharing your JAM story with your own network – you become part of a community and movement dedicated to Helping Africa help itself.

Share your social network

It’s so easy. Help us to build our presence on social media by liking or following us on any of your favourite social networking platform.

Keep up to date with what’s going on at JAM through Facebook, twitter and google+ and share stories with your friends.
You have access to thousands of people through your social networks … please lend us some!

Share at social events

Social events provide an ideal platform to network in an environment that is relaxed and filled with people of many different kinds.

These interactions are often taken for granted but could facilitate something great.

Therefore, spreading the word about the work of JAM at such events could mean the start to great partnerships.