Red Lipstick Day

Red Lipstick Day

Red Lipstick day is an opportunity for JAM to join in the fun on International Women’s Day and support JAMs development work across the African continent which has reduced crime towards women. JAM have establishing safe and accessible water wells and agricultural farms which are within close proximity to the homes of women and children, this in turn has helped to prevent potential attacks against women and reduced crime

Since JAM’s developments within rural communities in Angola, Mozambique and South Sudan, there has been a significant reduction in rape cases and sexual abuse. Women across many communities now remain in a safe proximity when accessing water and food, rather than having to venture out of their communities and walk treacherous journeys to gain access to these necessities.

How to get involved in Red Lipstick Day

Firstly thank you for supporting JAM, we are grateful that you are supporting the development work which we are doing in Africa. Below are some steps for you to follow to join in with the Red Lipstick Day campaign:

  1. Please give £5 to JAM through the donation button below or text LIPS18 (and donation amount i.e. £5) to 70070
  2. Take a selfie with you wearing Red Lipstick
  3. Post a selfie onto all of your social media platforms (facebook, twitter, instagram) and also use the following caption to help spread the message:

    “ Happy International women’s day! I am wearing my shade of red lipstick to raise awareness for JAM who, through their work, support many women in Africa. By posting this I have proudly donated to this cause, please join me and text LIPS18 (and donation amount i.e.£5) to 70070 to make a donation. Once you’ve done this post a selfie with your shade of red!”

  4. Use the following hashtags:
    • #RedLipstickDay
    • #JAM
    • #Beboldforchange
    • #HelpingAfricahelpitself
  5. Post your selfie on the 8th March and share your campaign with family and friends, encouraging them to participate.

Thanks again for your involvement in JAM and we look forward to launching the campaign on the 8th March 2018 which is International Women’s Day, so get your red lipstick ready!