Feeding a child works miracles

What we do

Joint Aid Management (JAM) was founded by Peter and Ann Pretorius in 1984. We are an African-founded and headquartered, Christian international humanitarian relief and development organisation currently operating in Angola, South Africa, Mozambique, South Sudan and Rwanda

Since our inception, JAM has progressed as an organisation that reflects strong, expansive development. In over three decades, we e served more than 1,6 billion meals, and grown into an organisation that affects sustainable change though providing programmes to children who need support and communities that need help. Serving Africa is what defines us. We do not discriminate in terms of race, religion, gender, or political persuasion.

JAM History

JAM has been at the forefront of the war against hunger since 1984, when founder, Peter Pretorius, was left stranded in Pambarra, Mozambique. There he witnessed the horrific consequences of starvation with children dying every day around him. Along with his wife Ann, they committed their future to joining the fight against hunger in Africa.


Vision and Mission

JAM is an eyewitness to heartbreaking situations in Africa and our work revolves around our vision of HELPING AFRICA HELP ITSELF.

Our core mission is to empower Africans to create better lives for themselves. This is to help facilitate sustainable development in Africa.



JAM has been able to reach thousands more beneficiaries through our programmes thanks to the loyal support of a number of private donors and organisations including churches, non-profit organisations and foundations, local and international corporates, and schools.

You too can become part of the solution in Africa by partnering with us to change lives and make a difference to the many disadvantaged communities across Africa.


Helping Africa Help Itselfin 3 programmes

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