2017 South Africa School Makeover

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2017 South Africa School Makeover

A faithful partner organisation has raised funds to fulfill the material requirements of a school makeover project in Soweto, South Africa. JAM UK has entered into this great collaborative initiative by committing to fund the feeding of the children at the school for a year as well as take on the physical activity needed to complete the makeover.

Dates: 26-29 September 2017

Project Location: Soweto, South Africa

Team Base: JAM Int Head Quarters, Johannesburg, South Africa

To be part of this team, you are required to raise a minimum of £750 by 31 August.

The £750 includes accommodation and catering and transport to and from the project. Please note flights are not included and volunteers are required to book their own flights.

Closing date to sign up: 14 July

To sign up please contact Belinda at Belinda.roets@jamint.com

If you would like to donate to this cause directly please do so via our campaign link:


Watch this video to learn more about JAM’s Makeover Programme in South Africa.