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Water & Sanitation

What we do

JAM founded the Water and Sanitation programme in 2001. It was developed to a provide a critical and sustainable response to the 325 million Africans without access to clean water. Our multi-stage approach includes the pivotal steps of community training on water use, improved sanitation, maintenance and community development. We ensure that the wells we drill are sustainable and uplift those we serve.

JAM has brought water and hope to hundreds of thousands of people in South Africa, South Sudan, Angola, Mozambique, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe, and by 2017 more than 2 700 wells were drilled.

Drilling, installing and rehabilitating wells is a gruelling undertaking and our 20-strong team, drawn from throughout Africa, are an embodiment of JAM’s Vision of Helping Africa Itself.

A well is an investment in the future of a community that benefits thousands daily. JAM works efficiently to ensure it keeps its operational costs low to reach as many vulnerable villages as possible.

2500 water wells drilled since 2001

Programme Objectives

69 Wells Rehabilitated | 134 WASH Committees

  • JAM Community Development Officers (CDOs) conduct WASH training and establish water committees in areas where boreholes have been rehabilitated.
  • These water points are located in 3 provinces (Inhambane, Manica & Sofala) and provide water to communities and some of the almost 700 schools that JAM serves, thereby complementing JAM’s Nutritional Feeding & School Agriculture Programmes.

115 Wells Drilled | 147 WASH Committees

  • JAM works in the Benguela Province and the training of committees is conducted by JAM’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Officers.
  • These water points are all located at one of the more than 450 schools where JAM provides daily school meals and complement the Nutritional Feeding programme in this area.